About Us

What’s Crypto Scammer all about?

In this wonderful world we call Crypto we all know that there are a lot of opportunist people that scam, lie and steal every day. It’s destroying this world we care so much about and where the only limit is our imagination. So we started on a long road to make a change!

All information represented so anyone can understand with a separate category for scam and anti-bot functions detected.
Tracking the contract for real time calls from the owner/developer.
Scanning the total supply and holders, giving you a risk assessment
Scanning the token for malicious or risky functions

The Services We Provide

Using our utility token CRYPSCAM we like to provide many diverse services free and paid to bring as many usefull tools on the market that our users can enjoy.


🔸 Security on all server ports with api endpoint + client documentation for changing that; 🔸 Whitelist to my backup nodes for faster sync and peering; 🔸 Setup available on CENTOS and UBUNTU; (LIVE)

Nodes Subscription Service

▫️ All nodes are updated with the last geth version and optimized for speed; ▫️ Load balancing means you get automatically the best option for your location; ▫️ It will auto switch to another server if one node is down; ▫️ UNLIMITED CALLS; ▫️ All endpoints are secured with SSL ( WSS & HTPPS); ▫️ Subscription can be renewed at any time and you don't need to register an account; (LIVE)

Scan your wallet for a forgoten gem

We all know sometime we forget what tokens we bought and are still keeping in the wallet and its very hard to check everyone of them manually. Just by putting your wallet address, we will show you the top 5 most valuable ones. ( Live )

Telegram Contract Scanner

You can use crytpo-scammer.com on telegram and scan a contract for free. It will not display the function details that were detect and you won't be able to track wallets, but it can help you with a fast feedback. (In development)

Custom Jobs

Need a dApp or a solidity contract, maybe you need support or a fast solution for your project. Feel free to join our telegram group and contact @x3raphim , we can help you with various things, starting from node setup to smart contracts.


Full Sniper for anyone to use with only 2,5% fee on every Buy/Sell. No license needed, no percent of token to hold required. Available on BSC, ETHEREUM and POLYGON blockchains. (BSC BETA LIVE)

Hash Generator

Use it to generate a hash of a solidity function name so you can track it on mempool. Useful for advanced users that want to build their own dApp's. ( Live )

Deployed Contracts

In the Deployed Contracts section you can see a history of every new contract created and deployed on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon in the last 7 days. ( Live )

Contract Scanner

We provide a detailed report of the functions contained in the contract and different markers that can influence the potential of that project. ( Live )

Wallet tracker

We will track all transactions that are made from the targeted wallet, you can also use a filter to see only certain function calls. ( Live )

API for third party users

You can get access to previous services by an API key so you can integrate our platform in your own software. (In development)


Our Pricing Plan

Single scan price is 2$ worth of CRYPSCAM token. Soon you will also be able to purchase packages with a considerable bonus on scans.


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Wallets tracked


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