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Meta Studio - DAO metaverse FOR CONTENT CREATORS



Like all good projects there is always a story behind it.
The idea of Metaverse Land actually started because the team want's to implement the power of blockchain technology in the real world by giving content creators a fair chance to monetize and promote their works.
Doing so the utility of $METAS token will bring revenue to investors and the project, with a very big change to become a billion dollar project.
This project in time can actually attract most content creators & users from other platforms because of the fair price and the new approach to combine blockchain technology with content creation as a daily base interaction.

Now let's not only focus on content creation, we already have a lot of websites out there doing just that so what makes this special you would say? Well from my personal experience and interaction with the team, specially the CSO Mugur Cosmin Frunzetty, i already know that he is a business wiz with the right connections to make this project happen. Bringing a big competition to existing projects and delivering what the team promises.

Having a small contribution to this project i already know that it’s not a scam and that there are safeties in place to keep hackers & scammers away.

But don't just believe my words, take a look at the project yourself and participate in he airdrops to win 1.000.000 $METAS

Just a little insider information:
They already have content creators lined up to use the platform and post their content on it.

* As always DYOR and never invest any amount you can't afford to lose.